• Interior Penthouse: City Lights

    Concise modern style – a child of the city, tired of the abundance of visual stimuli. His description – restraint, functionality, and a minimum of parts. But most of all he appreciates the freedom and space, so the desire for an open lay-out to the fore. Residents of big cities have long been “damaged housing question”, so the most successful of them are trying to buy or own a house or a penthouse on the upper floors of tall zdaniy. Lyubiteley live in a city called urbanists, and this created space for them to live where there are practically no walls, and rooms seamlessly flow into each other. Fans of the ultra-modern interior are in any major city in the world: in New York and Paris, Tokyo and Toronto, Moscow and Sydney. It is for them to work, designers and architects such as company Forma, whose projects you will see in this galeree.No what we know about this luxury accommodation, except that it is – large free territory and huge panoramic windows? Each penthouse primarily reflects the personality and tastes of the owner. But the characteristic features, however, can be traced: light achromatic (white, gray) or pure natural tones (beige, camel and wenge) concise form mebelipryamye liniihromirovannye detalihay-tech at its best performance (as a game of expensive texture), convenient places for the mass rest as decorations: black and white photographs, abstract paintings and large floor vazydlya variety of visual experience – a pair of large color aktsentovi, of course, spectacular lighting – “City Lights”…


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